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Central Vein Catheter Tray - Atraumatic soft tip - Two suture wings, one moveable and one fixed. - Catheter insertion marks every 10cm to facilitate insertion. 

The tray includes:
1 x 7F, 3L (16/18/18g) Catheter w/soft tip
1 x Dilator – 8F
1 x Introducer needle – 18G, 7cm
1 x J3 guide wire .035" (0.89 mm), marked inside Dispenser w/Straightener
2 x Suture wings – 1 fixed, 1 moveable
1 x Syringe – 5cc
3 x Latex-free injection cap

Model: 2008EO

Triple Lumen Central Vein Catheter Tray, 7F, 30cm, EO Exposed

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