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This economical, easy to use thermometer, is intended for continuous monitoring in a hospital or research laboratory. The digital display reads to 1/10∞C. For patient safety, the unit is battery operated with appoximately 1200 hours of use. In the hospital the TH-5 is used with Physitemp's clinical probes such as the RET-1 (rectal probe) and the SST-1 (skin probe) or with their new line of disposable temperature sensors. In the lab the TH-5 is used with any of Physitemp's fast reading microprobes and special animal probes. For example, the RET-2 is a rectal probe for rats, RET-3 rectal temperatures in baby mice; the IT series are flexible microprobes used for tissue implantation, small volume liquid samples. The MT-D is a fast-reading surface microprobe.

The TH-5/A comes with analog output.

Temperature Probes and Table Top Stand are Sold Seperately.

TH-5 Thermalert Monitoring Thermometer

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