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The SAR-1000 Small Animal Ventilator is a versatile and easy-to-use ventilator for mice, rats, and other small animals.

Volume mode delivers a fixed tidal volume on each breath. In volume mode, the ventilator operates on the proven flow-time principle, where a known airflow is delivered for a set time, thus delivering a fixed volume.
Pressure mode causes inflation to stop at a preset airway pressure. In pressure mode, airflow is simply adjusted to give a suitable inspiration time.

In either mode, lung inflation is maintained at the end of inspiration until the percent inspiration (%Insp) time has elapsed. This end inspiratory pause (IEP) improves gas exchange and the overall efficiency of ventilation. Actual tidal volume is computed and displayed on the LCD display, as well as minute ventilation (MV) and other respiratory parameters. A built-in air pump allows completely self-contained operation. This pump draws in room air, oxygen, or anesthetic gasses through a rear-panel port.


Model: SAR-1000

SAR-1000 Small Animal Ventilator

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