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Get started designing your high temperture projects today with the Mojave controller kit. Everything you need to start programming. Kit contains our Mojave extreme temperture controller, programming cable, and installed header pins for quick prototyping. Arduino IDE compatible for easy programming and debugging.


Mojave controller kit features:

  • Arduino Diecimila compatible.

  • High performance ATmega168 automotive grade microcontroller.

  • High Temperature operation, up to 175C.

  • On-board, high efficiency 5V regulator.

  • Wide operating voltage, 9 to 48VDC.

  • Small form factor, 1.1" x 3.5".

  • I/O pins diode protected with current limiting series resistors.

  • Includes pins and USB to serial programming cable.

Mojave Controller Kit

SKU: ATmega168-kit
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