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UID has changed how researchers look at temperatures in animals. Using UID’s proven technology researchers are now able to record core body temperatures cost effetely using the UCT-2112 Temperature Microchip. With increased read ranges and accuracy being ±0.1°C, we can now provide core body temperatures with an IP implanted microchips. Using the URH-300HP handheld or UBS-200 readers, reading 6-10” away for the temperature is now an affordable option for researchers. Don’t settle for inaccurate subcuticular temperatures in rodents and large animals. Use the UID Temperature Microchip for accurate core body temperatures. 


2.1mm x 13mm in a Sterile Blister Pack 12.5G cannula

Programmable with your study information – 16 Characters

100% Unique 8 Digit RFID Number

±0.1°C Accuracy

25°C – 50°C

Implant: IP, SQ or IM in all species


Each transponder is 100% tested for quality and provided in sterile packaging ready for use, including 6 adhesive bar code labels. Perfect for temperature monitoring in pet identification, wildlife, fish, zoos, shelters, and biological applications.

Reusable injector included.

(Sold in Packs of 24)


Microchip With Temperature (2.1mm x 12mm)

SKU: UC-2112-24
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