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The advance infusion pump series 1200 is a simple, accurate, affordable single syringe pump.  Easily input the syringe diameter, volume, and time into the easy-to-use large-number keypad and let advance do the rest.

• Program up to 99 different steps for variable rates and pauses in a single infusion

• Nonvolatile memory stores all information from a past infusion, including the steps.

• Press the pause/resume key to pause or restart any time during an infusion.

• Rates anywhere from micro-liters per hour to milliliters per minute.


Pump Type                        Infusion
Max. No. Syringes               One
Syringe Size                       .5μL to 60mL
Linear Force                       22lbs.
Min Flow Rate                    > .1μL/hr
Max Flow Rate                   8.87mL/min
Accuracy                          ± 3%
Reproducibility                   ± 1%
Power                               9 Volt DC @ 1000mA
Dimensions                        9.0" x 5.75" x 4.93"
Weight                             3.9 lbs.
Steps per Revolution           400

Advance 1200 Syringe Pump

SKU: 120-1000
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